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This modest tribute is dedicated to a character I am sure we all know well and love greatly. This tribute has a wonderful personal feel to it, offering basic information about our beloved princess, as well as some personal opinions of the webmaster. Definitely worth a read; don't forget to join that fanlisting! Click here to read it!

the legal stuff

All subject found on this site and within its subdomains are © to their original owners/creators. I in no way claim them and would like to emphasis that all opinions do not reflect the publishers or anyone involved in the work. These are fansites, big or small. They will express the opinions of the writer. Thank you.


Here we like our women like we like our lives - dripping with awesome. That's why this directory came into existance. It seems like every where you go on the internet and media, women aren't loved nearly as much as their male counter parts and this is our small step forward. Here at BAD ASS BITCHES, we live and breath our lady characters from TV to comics to video games and we wish to shove in everyone's faces just how awesome they are. From well known series to that underdog show that just got their foot in the door, if you've got a lady you want to shout about, we want to link to you. All bad ass bitches welcome. Party on.


This directory is for the subject of fictional women of all genre and media. If you have a shrine, fanlisting or tribute/fansite of a fictional woman from any form of media - be it TV, video games, books, comics, cartoons or any other format I forgot - submit your links! All you have to do in return is link back here. It's that simple. And go!

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BiMonthly Challenge

These have been listed both in the main directory and the bimonthly challenge page if submitted before the 7th of every following 2nd month. If submitted after, they will only be added to the main directory.
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What is a directory goal?

A directory goal is just that - a goal. Here we not only want to link to awesome shrines featuring our favourite ladies but we also want to see more of them! So for each goal that is met, the "winning" shrine will be featured right here on the homepage in big shiny glory.


However, don't let this discourage you from submitting your links! We want this directory so stuffed full that you'll be scrolling through so many shrines, it'll make your fingers ache. Don't think for a moment yours will go unnoticed or underappreciated. Here we love all our women and we are damn happy to see that you love them too! ♥